Is your business facing layoffs? Why not offer them a new job?

Outplacement+ is a ready-made, job-transition solution tailored specifically for businesses who need to restructure, but want to give their employees the best experience possible.

Limit you risk and liability

Outplacement+ offers your employees a labour contract. When your employees accept Outplacement+ your HR team has more flexibility and confidence about who’s on your payroll at any time, with minimal effort. Your employees become our employees whenever you’re ready.

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Limit your legal risk

Manage your downsizing workforce with confidence and compliance. A strong social plan will minimize your liability for legal retaliation from laid-off employees.

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Manage your costs

Take control of your business’ costs during downsizing. Gain a full overview of employee transition costs at the start and avoid being surprised by unanticipated legal costs.

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Report restructuring success

Octagon takes over 100% of the administration involved in restructuring. Meanwhile, your company can report a successful restructure with minimal effort, and satisfied employees.

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step-by-step process

Outplacement+ creates a clear path to the next step in a professional’s career:

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