Flexible HR services for any business: Large or small taking your people and your business into full account.

Let us be your extended HR Business partner and support you and your team with our HR services tailored to any size business. No matter in what stage you are from setting up an entity to fully expanding and restructuring your business, we can support you.

What do Octagon’s HR services help you achieve?

All the benefits of a in-house HR team with the knowledge and professionalism of an outsourced team.

HR Helpdesk (Virtual HR team)

Direct contact with knowledgeable, experienced HR experts that will answer any and all questions your employees have about HR matters or relocating to the Netherlands.

– Professionally trained HR experts

– HR representatives virtually, or at your location

– Multi-lingual representatives

Company culture

Organize company events, team-building and help your company grow more inclusively.

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Develop your benefit package

Work in collaboration with our highly experienced HR team to develop a competitive (and reasonable) benefit package.

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Professional Development

Create a culture of learning and continuous improvement in your organization.

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Onboarding and Offboarding

We can manage the complete onboarding and offboarding processes for new-joiners, and exiting employees.

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Relocation support

Employees who relocate to the Netherlands from abroad receive extensive support from our expat-friendly HR team.

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Conflict Management

Our HR professionals are trained to manage interpersonal conflicts professionally.

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The “HR eye” in the company

HR team can identify problems in your organization before they occur.

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Employee retention

With a special focus on employee care, our HR services create an employee experience that is valuable.

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HR Audit

Evaluate your current HR policies and procedures for compliance with an expert team of HR representatives.

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Benefits of Octagon Professionals

Tailored HR services delivered according to your business needs.

Outsourced HR that feels like a part of your team

HR is for your people, first and foremost. That’s why our HR experts get involved with your company culture and become part of the team.

Boost your overall productivity

Let us take care of the time-consuming HR activities needed to grow your business so you can focus on what matters most.

Reduce your risk

Our careful and expert approach to HR strategizing means your can rest each knowing your HR processes are completely compliant.

Give your business a competitive edge

We strive to develop HR solutions that achieve more than just compliance. Our knowledge and experience enables us to develop creative HR solutions that give your business an extra edge.

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