Are you ready to find your next top talent?

Meet our experienced recruitment team devoted to support your business in finding and acquiring the right talent for your amazing team.

Expand your reach

When you work with Octagon Professionals for your recruitment needs, you expand your network of candidates throughout the Netherlands, and around the world.

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Candidates vetted by experts

Our network of top talent is global. We maintain relationships with highly skilled professionals that we know are the right fit for your job in your company.

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Accomplish your goals

What is your business trying to achieve? Increase your work output? Lower your training costs? Introduce new ideas to your existing team

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Improve efficiency during hiring

Hiring the right talent for your business takes time and care – our recruitment team invests that time and care on your behalf. We take over these tasks so you can focus on doing the work you’re good at.

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Full support even after hiring!

Not only do we facilitate communication between candidates and your business, our team is equipped with the knowledge to help maintain your staff and create an environment whereby you can keep growing and retaining your top talent.

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Gain local labour market knowledge

Take advantage of our knowledge of the labour market, talent market data, salary levels, and benefits that fit your company in order to launch a job search the right way.

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Benefits of Octagon Professionals

Personal approach

Every job we accept receives the personal attention and care of one of our dedicated account managers. We work alongside your team to ensure that we thoroughly understand your goals, and to bridge any knowledge gaps your team may have.

Experienced and knowledgeable

We have over 35 years of experience in the Dutch market. Our knowledge and experience enable us to support you with insights that can mean the difference between success and failure of your hiring campaign.

Multidisciplinary recruitment team

Our recruitment process was developed with experienced recruitment and HR professionals who have highly educated backgrounds in HR, psychology and recruitment. We utilize market data to empower our process.

Multi-lingual & international recruitment

Not only can our recruitment team speak your language and the language of your candidates, but we have first-hand experience working with culturally diverse professionals. We have over 40 nationalities on our payroll, which enable us to understand your way of working in any language needed.

Personal approach

Taking the best of traditional recruitment made efficient with modern methods.

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