Be a great employer

No matter in what stage your business is, we are here to support you as an employer of record for the Netherlands and with our payroll service — tailored to your business and workforce needs. We work as an employer of record and umbrella company on the Dutch market.

Hire without entity

Minimise the time your business needs to become operational and start hiring the people you need right now.

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Hire highly skilled migrants

As a recognized sponsor, we can provide a work permit and visa to your employees and support your immigrations needs.

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Ensure compliance

Sidestep the complicated requirements of Dutch labour law with a team of payroll experts.

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Reduce administrative burden

Focus on what really matters – growing your business. Leave the time-consuming administration to us and outsource your payroll activities to Octagon.

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Fast market entry

Enter the Dutch market with as little downtime as possible.

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Why choose Octagon as your partner?

Financial stability

Founded over 30 years ago, our company has a long history recruiting and hiring talent in the Netherlands. We work with company all across the Netherlands – from growing start-ups, to booming multi-nationals. No matter what happens in the economic climate, you can rest easy knowing Octagon will remain stable. 

Flexible and creative solution providers

You’d be surprised at what you can solve with payroll services. With the help of our expert, customer-centric team, we can enable your company to achieve it’s unique goals. 

compliance experts

With over 35 years of experience in the Netherlands, we can ensure your payroll is perfectly compliant with Dutch labour law. 

HR helpdesk

You have direct contact with one of our HR experts -- specifically dedicated to your company and employees.

Immigration support

We are the experts of immigration procedures for the Netherlands and can support your team in hiring whoever you need.