When you come to the Netherlands to live or work, you will probably have some questions about the arrangements you need to make. The expat centres in the Netherlands are the place to go to for all your questions about living and working in the Dutch region you live in. 

Expat centres are there to support international companies and international employees as they transition to the Netherlands. You can check out the list below and find the expat centre that provides resources for your area. 

IN Amsterdam 

Over the years, Amsterdam has attracted visitors in large numbers with iconic waterways and bridges of its historic centre, as well as its bustling cityscape. As a home to the cutting-edge start-ups and international corporations, it offers many career opportunities for expatriates combined with work-life balance lifestyle. To help you settle and make the most out of your stay, IN Amsterdam provides a one-stop-shop service for international newcomers in the Amsterdam Area. 

Expat Centre Leiden 

If you are moving to Leiden, you can expect an atmospheric student city as it is home to the oldest university in the Netherlands. Student or not, you would enjoy its charming historic centre with monumental buildings and beautiful canals. If you are planning to make a life in Leiden, Expat Centre Leiden can support you in finding answers to questions regarding settling in the Netherlands. 

The Hague
The Hague International Centre 

Because of its family-friendly environment offering great education, many expats have called The Hague their home. If you have made your choice relocating to this city, The Hague International Centre can support you with your move. The Hague International Centre (THIC) is the Expat Desk for international staff, and their families, of international organisations, companies and institutions located The Hague area. 

Rotterdam Expat Centre 

Expats in Rotterdam love to immerse themselves in one of the Netherlands’ most multicultural, tolerant, and cosmopolitan centres. Impressive modern architectures packed with all the conveniences you could ask for are what makes expats bound to fall in love with lively Rotterdam. If you are thinking about Rotterdam for your new home, Rotterdam Expat Centre is the one-stop-shop specialist to guide you in your new journey. 

International Welcome Centre | Utrecht Region 

Expats who land in Utrecht find themselves in a pleasant mix of big city amenities and charming Dutch countryside. Located in the heart of the Netherlands, Utrecht promote the growth of international companies in different sectors, from banking, finance to ICT, engineering. This expands the opportunities for English-speaking and multilingual candidates to find their feet and build their career in the Netherlands. The process of moving to Utrecht can raises many questions, but you can turn to International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region for key answers. 

Expat Centre Maastricht Region 

Striking beauty of historic buildings, high quality of life and a mix of cultures and languages is why Maastricht is a great next move for you. It has an interesting position in Limburg with Belgium and Germany just across the border — which can be best appreciated by single or couples who love to travel. In addition, the steady increase in multinational companies relocating to the city means that it is time to make the move and find jobs in Maastricht! To get a solid start with your new life in Maastricht, Expat Centre Maastricht Region offers an efficient transition process from a nervous newcomer to laid-back local, for individuals and businesses alike. 

Holland Expat Centre South (Eindhoven) 

Holland Expat Center South 

Eindhoven, the Silicon Valley of Europe, is a hub of design, innovation, and technology. Eindhoven is home to more than 85 nationalities who benefit from the professional opportunities provided by multinational high-tech enterprises, for examples ASML, Philips, DAF trucks, IBM and Intel. Living in Eindhoven also comes with quality living environment, including a lot of shopping facilities, a vibrant nightlife and several sporting facilities. If opportunity to relocate to Eindhoven comes knocking at your door, Holland Expat Center South can help you get ready for your move.  


International Welcome Center North 

 The International Welcome Center North (IWCN) is a one-stop shop for international people living in Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. If you’re a student at the University or healthcare researcher, you will likely end up living in the far North of Holland. In that case, the IWCN is your best choice to access the expat network in the Netherlands. 

Expat Center East Netherlands 

This expat centre is easily found in one of the WTC buildings in the Netherlands (just like Octagon is located in the WTC centre in Den Haag). Located on the East side of the country, just on the German border, Twente is one of the most urbanized areas in Holland. The Twente expat centre specifically focuses on supporting businesses during their relocation process to the area. 

Expat Center Food Valley 

Wageningen is also the central city in Food Valley, where around 15.000 food-related science professionals are involved in research and technology development. To find your way through Wageningen lifestyle, the Expat Center Food Valley offers full relocation services for professionals settling in the Food Valley region.  

Expat Center Zeeland 

Zeeland is one of the most beautiful regions in the Netherlands – located right on the shore! Particularly, if you are fond of oysters, Zeeland upholds great areas for free oyster picking. Expats who move to Zeeland are better off visiting the Expat Center Zeeland. This center will directly connect you to some of the most relevant information about the region, social, and cultural events.  

Welcome to the Netherlands! 

Moving to a new country can be overwhelming – thankfully, the Netherlands is particularly friendly to newcomers. No matter where your business comes from, there’s a firm to help.  

Octagon Professionals is the “one-stop-shop” for foreign businesses and expats looking to establish in the Netherlands. No matter what your business needs to achieve, we likely have the solution to help you do so.  

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