Octagon Professionals launches the Japan Desk – HR solutions tailored to the unique needs of Japanese businesses expanding in the Netherlands and Europe

Today we’re excited to be officially launching a Japan Desk to provide recruitment and HR solutions to Japanese companies expanding their businesses in the Netherlands and Europe.

Among the international business community in the Netherlands, Octagon Professionals has always had a strong tie with the Japanese business community. We have been their trusted recruitment partner for many years — helping them to find the best local talent to grow their business within the Dutch and European markets.

With the launch of our Japan Desk, we’re introducing assorted HR solutions tailored to the needs of Japanese businesses. Our consultants, who speak Japanese and are familiar with the business practices of both Japan and the Netherlands, will offer HR solutions described in the fields below.


We have over 30 years of experience in recruiting for small and medium-size Japanese companies. With our large network of Japanese professionals as well as local professionals with an understanding of Japanese business practices, we help Japanese companies to find the best and most suitable talent for their business in the Netherlands.


When it comes to employment, Japan and the Netherlands have very different labor and tax regulations. With our payrolling service, Octagon Professionals will hire staff on behalf of Japanese companies either on a short or long-term basis and take care of all the compliance related to the employment. This will also enable Japanese companies to start business activities in the Netherlands in the shortest possible time.

HR Services

Most Japanese companies start their business in the Netherlands with a very small team, and it is often more cost-effective to outsource HR needs rather than hiring a dedicated person for a team of few. We can take care of all of the HR needs of Japanese companies from administrative support, onsite HR service to strategic HR.

Assistance for establishing a Dutch entity

Setting up a company in the Netherlands is a complex process, and the language barrier often makes it more challenging for Japanese companies. Octagon Professionals can provide assistance during the Dutch corporation process for Japanese companies such as providing a corporate registration office, assistance in the Chamber of Commerce registration, and taking care of various administrative procedures related to the entity establishment.

Japanese Expats Omotenashi Package

To help Japanese expats to kick-start their life in the Netherlands stress-free, Octagon Professionals will assist them in setting up their new life with Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality). No need to worry about language barriers or unfamiliar procedures when relocating to a different country. From registration at the city hall to arranging SIM cards, we will make sure that you have a seamless transition to the new life.

Looking to expand your Japanese business to the Netherlands? – Get in touch with one of our consultants from the Japan Desk

To learn more about how Octagon’s Japan Desk can help you to set up operations in the Netherlands, schedule a consultation with one of our consultants from the Japan Desk. Inquiry in Japanese is most welcome, too.