On 5th February 2020, Octagon and Swisscom hosted an event called “Swisscom Daybreaker Experience ” at Swisscom office in Rotterdam along with the help of Energy Up. The aim of the event is to help our employees start their day with energy and achieve more happiness at the workplace. The event was an opportunity for our staff to collaborate and an environment for friendship to cultivate.

Daybreaker is an American concept of sober morning raves to shake things up and help employees to feel more driven and inspired in their work. The event took place with silent disco party and live performance from 8.30 AM until 10.00 AM. The “Swisscom Daybreaker Experience” was something that we haven’t experienced before and it’s beyond the trip to the nearest pub after work. It’s a form of team bonding focusing on productivity and connection among employees. The event was an unqualified success as we all felt motived and ready for a new day at work.