You put in the work of applying for a job and scored an interview. Now you’re a real contender! Interviewing is the key to landing that job you have been seeking and it can seem intimidating. With the rise of remote work, virtual interviews are now an essential stage of the hiring process.  

Virtual interviews present a whole new set of challenges compared to the traditional interview. After several months facilitating the hiring process between candidates and companies, we’ve learned what makes candidates successful during virtual interviews.  This article is going to share just 5 tips that make a successful virtual interview. Do you have a traditional interview lined up? Check out our blog here for general interviewing tips.

1. Test Your Technology 

When it comes to your virtual job interview, it is essential to check your technology system to avoid wasting precious interview time. Technical difficulties are bound to occur, but you can avoid difficulties on your side by testing your technology beforehand. 

You should make sure that your internet connectivity, your camera, and microphone are working. Testing your technology beforehand can give you a head-ups whether you should invest in better quality for equipment or a more stable data connection. 

It is also recommended to wear earphones to avoid echo and to be heard better.

2. Prepare Your Interview Space 

Before your interview, it is important to assemble all the documents you may need at hand. We suggest that you have a copy of your resume and other supporting documents to have a glance while discussing with the interviewer. You can keep a “cheat sheet” next to you detailing the job description and your research on the company. You would want to stay focused and professional, rather than clicking around the internet to find the answers in panic. 

During the interview, it’s acceptable to use notes and take notes as a part of the process. That said, pen and paper work best. Typing on a laptop or phone can be mistaken for multitasking mid-interview.  

3. Eliminate Distractions

It is crucial to pick a suitable location with good lighting and a neutral background that is free from clutter. Decent lighting makes sure your face is visible and helps you give the best impression possible. In the same vein, a laundry visibly piling up in the corner would not make you appear to be an organized and detailed-oriented person. 

The interviewer would notice what is happening around you, so you should conduct your interview in a closed room to ensure minimal distraction and interruption. You should set your phone to silence and close all the windows or programs that might pop up with notifications during the call. 

4. Slow Down as you Speak 

Virtual interviews may be nerve-wracking but try to stay calm and speak carefully so the interviewer understands everything you are saying. It is acceptable to repeat yourself if you are unsure.  

Equally important, you should let the other person finish before you start talking. This is extremely important, especially during a virtual interview, because it is easy to overlap each other and be unable to hear anything while two people are talking. 

5. Be Yourself

In the end, a virtual interview is no different than a person-to-person live interview. Whether in person or virtual, you need to convey your confidence and display what value you can add to their business.  

Determining whether you align with the company culture is a key task of the recruiter. It could be more challenging for a recruiter to establish a connection due to the physical disconnect. You can communicate with enthusiasm and link that enthusiasm to evidence and suggestions about how you would fit the role and the culture of the organization. 

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