Introducing the best solution for HR teams facing layoffs: Outplacement+

It’s no secret that this year has been tough on businesses. Heading into 2021, employers are facing uncertainty about the impact of COVID-19 on their business growth. In facing this uncertainty, it’s even more important than ever for businesses to remain agile and pivot, even in the worst of scenarios. Unfortunately, for many employers, this means implementing painful layoffs. 

Considering this uncertainty, Octagon Professionals has developed a completely unique HR solution meant to reduce employer risk and help HR teams take control of restructuring costs. Outplacement+. 

Layoffs are risky, but Outplacement+ is not 

Layoffs always come along with risk – especially in the Netherlands. Thanks to our familiarity with Dutch employment law and well-established position recruiting in the Dutch labor market, we’ve been able to develop an HR solution that helps employers avoid layoffs, but still achieve their restructuring goals. 

Limit your legal risk 

Outplacement+ was developed to limit employer’s vulnerability to employee litigation when facing layoffs. The nature of restructuring leaves businesses vulnerable to unpredictable legal cases throughout the restructuring process. Outplacement services are meant to mitigate this risk and help employers demonstrate their commitment and appreciation to exiting employees.  

Outplacement+ takes it to the next level – offering exiting employees a completely new employer (Octagon Professionals) until they find a job that fits them best. 

Strengthen your brand 

Although downsizing is a fact of business life, it doesn’t do the employer brand any favors. Businesses that report mass layoffs generally experience significant damage to their brand as an employer – and the consequences that accompany it. 

Thanks to Outplacement+, layoffs are not the only way to reduce your workforce. Outplacement+ will, not only protects employer brands but strengthen the overall image in the eyes of all stakeholders. 

Take control of your costs 

Even if your team has a comprehensive restructuring plan – you can’t predict everything. Traditional downsizing procedures and layoffs leave your company vulnerable to surprise costs throughout negotiations. On the other hand, when using Outplacement+ there is a predefined or pre-agreed one-time cost. 

With this pricing model, Outplacement+ will grant your HR team more control and certainty about the financial impact of your restructuring procedures – so you can report to your board with confidence. 

Outplacement+ versus Traditional Outplacement 

Unlike traditional Outplacement services who support your unemployed staff – Outplacement+ actually employs and keeps your employees paid while they search for their next job. In official terms, you would be offering a new job with us at Octagon Professionals instead of their current job with you. 

Under our employment, we’ll work with your professionals developing customized job-search strategies and coaching to prepare them for the job market. This is where the “traditional” outplacement services come into play: Including CV writing workshops, job hunting tips specific to their skillset, guidance creating an attractive professional online presence, and more. 

Meanwhile, our recruitment team will provide targeted job leads relevant to their role and will be prioritized as a candidate for selection whenever we receive new jobs from our clients. Octagon Professionals is an established and experienced recruitment firm with access to a network of clients and job opportunities. With a full view of the job market at any given moment, our team best equipped to set your employees up for their next job – fast. 

If you’re considering layoffs – Get in touch with one of our Outplacement+ specialists 

There are few positive solutions for employers when they need to cut costs. Thankfully, Outplacement+ is one of them. We’re excited to announce this completely unique solution and support our community by enabling businesses to avoid painful layoffs. 

Schedule a call with one of our experts to learn more about how Outplacement+ can help you reduce your risk and manage your costs by avoiding layoffs.